An excellent antique Colt Model 1851 Early Fourth Model "Hartford" Navy percussion Revolver. 36 caliber and 7,5 inch Barrel, In near mint Condition. Price on request.

For sale

Signed on Barrel: ADDRESS SAMl COLT HARTFORD CT. SN 96150. 

This revolver was built during a political storm and fallout from the presidential election of 1860. During this time, eight of an eventual eleven states would secede from the United States in an attempt to establish "The Confederate States of America". To do so, Southern states began to aggressively arm themselves for what was thought would be a short and successful war to break away from the Union.

In the year 1860, Colt produced 5000 Model 1851 Navy Revolvers from the serial numbers 93.000 to 97.000. The serial number of this revolver is 96.150

The sizable portion of the Colt 1851 Navy revolvers in the 90.000 to 100.000 serial range are believed to have shipped to the South in the months prior to the outbreak of the Civil War.

Almost all of it's original finish still present, all matching numbers. Fine cylinder scene and all safety pins on the cilinder.

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