A very nice antique American made oak cased Colt model 1851 6 shot 36 caliber percussion revolver for export to England and distributed to South Africa. 7,5 inch barrel with New York address. In very good condition. Price 7250 euro

For sale

SN207699 and marked with an E for export, all matching numbers. Large iron trigger-guard and backstrap. London proofmarks on cylinder and barrel. Case with original Colt accoutrements. Lid with loading instructions and import label of J. Shaw and Co. Fort Beaufort South Africa. Very nice untouched condition with rests of original blue finish present.

After the Civil war, Colt had a glut of Navy's on hand and Baron Frederick von Oppen(The Colt agent in London) was instructed to sell as many Colt's as possible to foreign Goverments. After arriving in London these were widely ditributed to India, China, South Africa(to fight the kaffir's) etc

See the book Colt 1851 and 1861 Navies & Conversions by Robert M. Jordan and Don W. Geri pages 202, group 5