A rare antique factory Nikel plated Colt Second Model Dragoon 6 shot percussion revolver. 44 caliber and 7,5 inch barrel with New York Address. In very good condition. Price 11.200 euro

For sale

SN 8908 all matching except loading lever which has none. Frame marked COLT'S PATENT U.S.. Some inspector marks on some parts. Fine and clear cylinder scene.

Only 2700 second model Dragoon were made, 1700 went to the commercial market. Some had inspector markings but were not sold to the goverment so sold to the commercial market. Just a few were Nickel  plated. almost 90% of Nickel still present.

"H. HART" is written in pencil in the back strap inlet, and the serial number is written in the butt inlet. The Hart family was Samuel Colt's wife's maternal line, and Henry G. Hart was British military officer in the period and would have been a major at this point. He was the creator of the Hart's Army List. The grip marking's significance is not documented.