An Extremely Rare and Important Breech Loading Antique Percussion Central Fire Rifle by PAULY & CIE A PARIS, circa 1812, caliber 12.5 mm rifled, length 100, in very good condition. Price on request

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Original blue barrel with in gold the signature "Pauly & Cie A Paris". Also the gold marks of the Barrel maker Jean Le Clerc at Manufacture Versailles. On the right side "Pauly et Cie a Paris" and on the left side "Brevetés"  The iron parts in original grey finish.

Samuel Johannes (Jean) Pauly, 1766-1821, developed the first breech-loading  metallic cartridge fire arms of truly modern form. Mechanically well designed, the principle was perhaps to far ahead of its time. Nonetheless, the Pauly System is a highly important development in fire-arms design.